We are a full service marketing agency.

CMG’s Web Design and Web Development platforms include PHP, ColdFusion, WordPress, HTML5/CSS and accompanying script languages such as JQuery and AJAX. Our projects range from simple wordpress installments to complex and custom inventory tracking backends. We consider ourselves to be platform agnostic.

When it comes to web design, we love to emphasize to our clients the importance of UX, or user experience. Many companies end up with wordpress templates that have many features, but fail to connect to the audience that matters most: your audience – the people that use your site. CMG implements thoughtful design directing users through our client’s message while still able to allow quick navigation to the audience’s desired interest.

There’s great utility with video. Television, Corporate or Organization training, Web, our video projects have found numerous platforms to deliver our client’s story. Story. Message. This is what’s great about video. It allows an audience to engage in a message and more importantly, connect with the storyteller – your brand.

We utilize a multitude of disciplines. Kinetic typography, narrative, interview quote mining, full green screen capabilities, teleprompter services and multiple camera set ups, CMG will deploy whatever it takes to deliver your message.

CMG employs a unique SEO strategy based on competitor research within a given market. Our researched methodology results in increased exposure and growth in organic traffic based off of higher ranked search placement.

The algorithms dotting the landscape of search companies are constantly changing. Not all of the ranking influences from the last few years remain the ranking influences of today. CMG monitors. CMG adapts. CMG responds. Most of our strategies are done independent of employing costly impression or per click campaigns.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Responsive Design because consumers deserve freedom. Your message shouldn’t be limited to just one platform.

Market Analysis to understand how your competition is positioned. Consumer interaction will define how to fine tune your position within the marketplace.

Analytics to study where results are continually measured and improvements are made based on prior success. If you can’t brag, neither can we.

Media Placement determined through target research, market analysis and media planning will blossom even the most modest of budgets.