An Ad to your homepage is an Opportunity Missed

Link to a product or service page

Instead of linking to your home page, link to a specific product or service page with a defined Call to Action. If you’re spending money on advertising or sponsored posts, make those posts work for you. Give that ad an opportunity to be successful in moving people from curious prospect to lead.

By creating a campaign focused on a specific product or service, you are targeting people that are actually interested in your product or service and not just creating an ad that says “look at this cool website that talks about dozens of things you might not be interested in”.

An ad campaign focusing on meeting specific needs is an effective way to work within your marketing budget and create qualified leads.

So why do people link to their home page?

Usually, they see it as branding. They just spent a lot of money, time, and effort into redesigning their site (or launching a new one) and an ad campaign to raise awareness gets that site in front of people. Plus, they’re really proud of what they’ve done.

Aren’t you proud of your website? If you’re not, let’s talk.

If you are spending money on an ad campaign, why not complete a business goal at the same time you are completing a brand goal? Create an ad campaign around your product or services and point it to one of those spiffy new product or services pages. As long as you’ve designed pages with your brand intact, people will get your brand.

Here’s why it’s important: People click ads to fulfill a need or answer a question relating to them. How will you help them? What’s in it for them? Learning about your company is a little further down their path. Answer those questions by pointing them to a product or service page that directly relates to their need.

When you set up your campaign, did you set up tracking or a way for people to express interest or ask questions? Awesome! You just created a lead and qualified it with a specific interest.

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Recent Works

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about

When our client KJZT Family Life redesigned their website, they could have created an ad around looking for insurance and linked it directly to their site which has wonderful information. If a prospective buyer is looking for Term Life, they get to a website they know sells insurance, but there’s really no substantive information on their home page specifically about Term Life. So the user who wants to find information about Term Life then has to go to the specific area, look for a product…do you see where we’re headed here?

Now, what if that prospective buyer sees an ad about Term Life from KJZT Family Life, clicks on the ad, and is taken to a page detailing Term Life options? Not only does the page give specific information about Term Life, but there’s also a way for that prospective buyer to reach out to KJZT right there on the page. When that person sends an inquiry, KJZT knows that person is directly interested in Term Life and is ready to assist them.

Branding campaigns are fine. There’s a place for them in highly competitive markets where your goal is simple visibility…and you can afford it.

However, if you need to make smart decisions and you don’t have budgets to support general branding campaigns, a focused ad campaign is an excellent option to maximize your marketing budget.