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Can you survive a 45% drop?

There is a tie in that naturally happens between product development and marketing. Sometimes people try to place more emphasis on one at the expense of the others or figure that one will bolster the other. When you don't account for marketing, research and usability, what happens? You can drop 45%

Apple recently released it's much anticipated update to the Final Cut video editing suite. This is Apple we're talking about. We're not talking about amateurs. These are pros.  Unfortunately someone thought it was a good idea to develop a product incompatible with the existing product and so alien to industry workflows that for art houses to adopt it meant serious downtime.

Anyone in this industry understands: downtime kills.

Seizing the opportunity, Adobe (makers of a competing editing suite) slashed the price on their products in half for anyone who purchased Final Cut X and executed a marketing blitz targeted at editing professionals. The result? Adobe sales have grown 45% since the release of Final Cut X.

I track demographic data cause that's what I do. There was already an emerging demographic shift from FCP to Adobe. Older editors were satisfied with their FCP workflows. FCP was hands down a better suite versus early Adobe products. Yet younger editors were adopting Adobe workflows because Adobe researched their product and continuously revisioned it based on industry feedback; the people actually using their product.

45% because a company didn't put enough emphasis on researching market needs and feedback.

source: apple insider