CMG Headlines

What Are You Saying?

If it's not about your consumer, what's it about?

"This works and here's why." It's a simple formula and a simple message. Sure, you can drop a creative headline or tagline. Throw a little bling out there if you want. If you're not saying why your product works or why your service works, what are you saying?

Are you saying buy me cause we have funny commercials? Are you saying buy me because we are green friendly?

We were tasked with a marketing project for a software company. They had a paperless workflow system they wanted to market to their outside industry. Unfortunately we didn't get the memo that we were only to parrot what we were told. CMG made it a point to actually talk to the programers, the heads of their departments and here's the crazy part: the people that actually used it. We call that research.

We learned that their system worked from a usability standpoint. The cost savings in going paperless was blatant and an easy spot. What about the cost savings in instantly being able to track where in the testing process a single tester is? If something goes wrong, how much time does it save going right to a flag alert in their system instead of hunting through stacks of test printouts? How much time does it save in shortening a test round? Function! Their stuff worked and the people  that used it liked it!

Being all proud of ourselves, we wrote a script detailing the function from a consumer standpoint. Why would a consumer want this? Our script was rewritten because their internal marketing was caught up in the green movement and wanted to tout the system's proposed eco-friendly status.

Because social media allows for near instant feedback among peer groups, you are facing a smarter more savvy and informed consumer. Your product and service provides benefit or it doesn't. It's either great or it isn't. If it's great, you don't need a singing cat. Although….those are pretty cute!